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E-mail address, name, address and order (product name/number of products) so that really everything falls into place

Make sure that your surname is clearly readable on your doorbell panel and on your mailbox, so that delivery can run smoothly.

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Per customer only 3 orders per day is possible. If in spite of careful verification you happened to make a mistake on both orders, please turn immediately to the support team and ask for the respective changes. So that these changes will be implemented in time.

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To get in touch with us by the contact form or by sending directly an e-mail, please note the following points:

Please always write your tracking number in the message ( in case of delivered packages ).

This helps us to process your message faster and benefits you as well. Furthermore, we ask you to follow some rules of conduct. So if it comes to problems, please be so kind and stay friendly. Our support team tries to help you as soon as possible.

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Should you ever have problems or be dissatisfied with our service / our products, please be so kind and first get in touch with our support team. Together we will surely find a solution, we can promise this!

  • General

All further information you can find in detail on our respective sub-pages like Shipping & FAQ and  Payment 

If you read these conditions carefully and follow them, you can save us both a lot of time and unnecessary detours through support.

I confirm that I completely read all the important information on ordering at Bestmedsstore.com and accept these expressly. I would like to place my order now.

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