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buy prescription drugs online

1. How to Buy Prescription Drugs Online: Why Americans Need a Safer Access to Drugs?

2. Worried you are buying illegitimate medicines over the internet? Here is how you can avoid falling prey to online pharmacy scams… Buying safe prescription drugs online is harder than booking a cheap, last-minute airline ticket. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), around 50% of medicines sold online are counterfeit; many of them contain boric acid or lead, which are extremely dangerous to health. Following a series of drug scams in the last few years, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has found that just 3% of online pharmacies sell safe and legal medicines to American customers online (Source: ABC News).

3. Did you know that the Internet is full of Black Holes? The NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy) monitored over 8,300 pharmacies in July 2011. (Source: Consumer Report) They found that nearly 97% of drug stores that sell prescription drugs to customers in the United States are shady because: • 2,878 of them are located in some other country, but have servers located in different countries • 3,687 of them sell drugs that are not approved by the FDA • 6,812 of them do not ask for a valid prescription and 2,100 of them are located outside the US (Global pharmacies having manufacturing units in Canada or other parts of the world and owning the license to supply drugs worldwide, including the US are not a part of this list. You can trust them if they provide you genuine info regarding their accreditation.) • Being a smart buyer, you must locate and buy drugs from this 3%. It’s challenging, but not impossible if you keep these safety tips in your mind.

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